Week 9 – Day 7 – 10K – Conclusion

Well after putting it off for a few extra days, I finally pulled myself together and ran the dreaded 10K. Prior to this, I had never run farther than about 4 1/2 miles at once, and to be honest, I really have no intention of ever running this far again… but I guess you never know. Maybe one day I’ll feel differently.

Nevertheless, I felt good and energetic today, and I was able to power through the whole thing without walking (which was my goal), and I finished in 55:32, which was only slightly off the pace I ran for the 5K in week 5 (my time was 25:40). I’m pretty happy with the time. I was shooting for 55 minutes, so I didn’t miss my mark by much. My legs were completely dead afterward, and I definitely didn’t leave much left in the tank, finishing the last kilometer faster than any of the others.

I’m very happy with how far I’ve come in the last 9 1/2 weeks. My overall fitness has improved quite dramatically I think, and my strength from my core all the way down has really increased as well. One thing I’m certain of is that I will continue to use this program as a framework for my workout schedule going forward. I loved the variety and the progression of the workouts. Since it slowly builds up to its apex and then tapers off, it feels manageable and sustainable over the long haul, unlike other crazier at-home workout programs I have done in the past like P90X. I love that a lot of the workouts can be done outside and none of them require you to stand in front of your television.

Andy – Thank you for this opportunity. The book is a phenomenal tool for people to use to improve their fitness, and the help and support that you and Emily provided throughout the course of this program was tremendous. I am far more knowledgeable and prepared for what it takes to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle than I was 9 weeks ago, and I’m so glad I can move forward from here with the confidence that I can push my physical fitness to a higher level than ever before.

About Joe M.

I am a 28-year-old accountant at an eCommerce company in Santa Monica called BeachMint. I am 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, and attempting to turn it all into pure muscle.

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  1. Awesome work Joe! Best of luck in your fitness journey. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, you too :)

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