Week 9 – Day 5 – Almost Done

After staying completely on track for the first 8 1/2 weeks, I’m frustrated that I let myself get derailed in the last 3 days of the program. But despite that, I still think finishing three days late ain’t too bad, and I’m glad I was able to bring the intensity today after my brief hiatus. I did the Whip It workout, completing 13 rounds, plus 1 last pull-up before the clock hit 20:00. In week 5, I did 11 1/2 rounds and I remember feeling like I really killed it, so I’m thrilled that I was able to beat that by a round and a half. So far I have seen big improvements in all the tests, and I hope that continues tomorrow with my 6 individual benchmarks. And as for Wednesday, which will be my final day, well, I just hope I can run that whole 10k without walking.

About Joe M.

I am a 28-year-old accountant at an eCommerce company in Santa Monica called BeachMint. I am 6 feet tall, 160 pounds, and attempting to turn it all into pure muscle.

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  1. well, joe- i’m sure you overcame your anxiety about the 10 K and aced it, without walking!!! After 9 weeks of hard work and determination, your body was READY for success!!!! Hope it goes/went well.

  2. Thanks, Tami! It did go well :)

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