9 Weeks Complete and Continuing

Week 9 was great. I saw improvements all around. For my Thursday workout I completed 10 rounds plus 4 pull-ups and 4 push-ups. My first attempt at the Whip-it in week 6, I was using pull-up assist bands and I had to use my knees on the last few push-ups. This time I went without assist bands and never needed to go to my knees. I felt great all throughout the workout. The last 3 rounds I ended up having to break up the pull-ups into smaller sets.
I didn’t do the 10k this week due to my injury. I was really looking forward to the 10k but I didn’t want to injure myself anymore. I plan on at least a 10k in the future but now is the time for rest and repair.
I want to thank Andy for the opportunity to take part in this great workout. I was never one to workout this way and this workout eased me into that physical and mental mindset. I am more confident in my workouts. I will definitely be continuing to workout with the skills I’ve learned in this workout and trying new and different workouts to challenge me even more. Thank you also to everyone on the blog. Going through this with the blog helped a lot. Reading about how everyone else was doing and the positive feedback everyone gave was a real help. I was not alone in this journey and that helped. I wish everyone continued success in their future fitness.

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  1. Way to go man, congrats. Keep it up.

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