well, here we all are at 9 weeks end and what a feeling of accomplishment. This week has been a great ‘grande finale’ and I hope everyone feels the same sense of accomplishment as I .

today’s 10K was something I totally feared. It has been at least 15 years since I ran that distance with broken bones, injuries, and age all in between. I was able to accomplish this feat and feel great about it. Mile one was very slow (warming up I suppose) and 2 and 3 went by well. 4 was great, feeling strong, but once I hit about 5 1/2 it got tough. Never needed to walk, or even felt like walking, but did struggle with the last 1/2 mile for sure. Lots of positive self talk.
This has been a terrific 9 weeks, the program, the blog, the sense of accountability, and especially the excitement of looking forward to a tough workout daily. THanks to all of you for the encouragement!

I plan to continue working hard and want very much to keep up this type of pace and strength building (mental and physical).


About tami1024

Live in very small town (6000 people) at high (6666) elevation. Work as a psychotherapist Long history of love of exercise but at low point now psyched for this challenge

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  1. Great job Tami! Congrats and keep it up!

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