Whole Life Challenge

Hey Gang,

Linda asked about the Whole Life Challenge.  I purposely didn’t post anything on here about it because you guys have been so focused on your Fire Your Gym training program… but I guess, in hindsight, you could have done both – or at least I could have told you about it.

The Whole Life Challenge is an online challenge that we created at CFLA about 4 years ago to see how much of an impact you can have on your body, fitness and lifestyle habits over the course of 8 weeks.  It’s grown from an event with 100 participants, to a world-wide phenomenon with over 15,000 players (and is happening currently).

It involves taking a snapshot (with a workout and body measurements) at the beginning, then checking in daily and scoring yourself for things like nutrition, exercise, stretching, supplements and a rotating lifestyle category.  Actually, a really good way to get an idea about it is to watch this video, then check out the website – http://www.wholelifechallenge.com.

It started last Saturday, but registration is still open.  Even though you’re starting a week behind, it’s incredibly valuable if you’re interested in holding yourself accountable to the habits (and more – especially diet) you’ve developed over the past 9 weeks.

If you want to sign up, i’ve created a coupon code for you guys that will give you $5 off registration:  FYGBOOK.  Use it when you go through the registration process -and if you do sign up, make sure you join MY team (Andy P’s friends and family).


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  1. This is a great challenge. I’ve done this before and have never felt better. This combined with the FYG W/O is fantastic! Thanks Andy never felt better!

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