9 Week Challenge

Dive into Fire Your Gym and you will find a challenging, exciting, time-saving, fun and smart Program that delivers striking gains in muscle size and strength, running speed and endurance, Fat loss and all-round peak fitness—developed by two top authorities in the fitness world.

Follow along as our challenge participants blog about their 9 week journey to fire their gyms.


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  1. Yeah– that’s perfect. First thing people see. Thanks!

  2. Hi Andy- First, thank you so very much for the book- One hour into looking at it and have already learned tons from it.
    I have a question concerning thrusters. I’ve been trying to practice the position (no weight) and cannot figure out what to do to 1. get down low enough without bending forward, 2. not have pain in knees.
    Is there a substitute exercise? I do work out at a gym with tons of equipment (archaic though it may be). I hate to abandon this, particularly since I’ve noticed when doing other things I’ve been more successful than I’d anticipated.
    I welcome any suggestions and will begin really reading the book for more ideas.
    Thanks so much. I am so happy to be participating in this program and figure my Nina connection helped!!

  3. Hey Tami,

    I’m so glad you got your copy of the book.

    Thrusters are not the easiest exercise to learn. The movement requires flexibility, stability, balance, strength and power.

    As far as learning how to get into the position, the best thing you can do is continue to practice. Go as deep into the squat as you can (remember to push your knees out as if you were bow-legged), holding the bar in your hands right under your chin. Hold your position down there – and feel your center of gravity. Shift it forward and back… see what happens. Try to keep your weight in your heels and outside edges of your feet.

    And remember to keep your chest up – as high off of your thighs as possible.

    As far as knee pain… we all come into things in life with our body’s history – do the best you can… try not to aggravate it. Learn great form with as much depth as you can without pain.


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