9 Week Challenge

Dive into Fire Your Gym and you will find a challenging, exciting, time-saving, fun and smart Program that delivers striking gains in muscle size and strength, running speed and endurance, Fat loss and all-round peak fitness—developed by two top authorities in the fitness world.

Follow along as our challenge participants blog about their 9 week journey to fire their gyms.


End of 9 weeks

Well it’s been quite a journey. From week 1 to week 9 each area has huge improvements for me. I want to thank you Andy for allowing me to be a part of this program, I have never felt better in all my years!  As I have said before, this is not the end of the road, but the beginning of a new healthier life. I am going to build my workouts from here. Again, thank you Andy for the gift of health. 

Week 9 – Day 7 – 10K – Conclusion

Well after putting it off for a few extra days, I finally pulled myself together and ran the dreaded 10K. Prior to this, I had never run farther than about 4 1/2 miles at once, and to be honest, I really have no intention of ever running this far again… but I guess you never know. Maybe one day I’ll feel differently.

Nevertheless, I felt good and energetic today, and I was able to power through the whole thing without walking (which was my goal), and I finished in 55:32, which was only slightly off the pace I ran for the 5K in week 5 (my time was 25:40). I’m pretty happy with the time. I was shooting for 55 minutes, so I didn’t miss my mark by much. My legs were completely dead afterward, and I definitely didn’t leave much left in the tank, finishing the last kilometer faster than any of the others.

I’m very happy with how far I’ve come in the last 9 1/2 weeks. My overall fitness has improved quite dramatically I think, and my strength from my core all the way down has really increased as well. One thing I’m certain of is that I will continue to use this program as a framework for my workout schedule going forward. I loved the variety and the progression of the workouts. Since it slowly builds up to its apex and then tapers off, it feels manageable and sustainable over the long haul, unlike other crazier at-home workout programs I have done in the past like P90X. I love that a lot of the workouts can be done outside and none of them require you to stand in front of your television.

Andy – Thank you for this opportunity. The book is a phenomenal tool for people to use to improve their fitness, and the help and support that you and Emily provided throughout the course of this program was tremendous. I am far more knowledgeable and prepared for what it takes to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle than I was 9 weeks ago, and I’m so glad I can move forward from here with the confidence that I can push my physical fitness to a higher level than ever before.

Week 9 – Day 5 – Almost Done

After staying completely on track for the first 8 1/2 weeks, I’m frustrated that I let myself get derailed in the last 3 days of the program. But despite that, I still think finishing three days late ain’t too bad, and I’m glad I was able to bring the intensity today after my brief hiatus. I did the Whip It workout, completing 13 rounds, plus 1 last pull-up before the clock hit 20:00. In week 5, I did 11 1/2 rounds and I remember feeling like I really killed it, so I’m thrilled that I was able to beat that by a round and a half. So far I have seen big improvements in all the tests, and I hope that continues tomorrow with my 6 individual benchmarks. And as for Wednesday, which will be my final day, well, I just hope I can run that whole 10k without walking.

Starting back up

I, like others feared the 10k because I had only done a few in my life. It was brutal but I’m proud I did it. Unfortunately, it took over an hour but I’m still here.

After 9 weeks, I am more confident in my workouts and feel armed with the ability to workout at home just as effectively, if not more, as I would at the gym.

I’m taking a day to stretch and do a ten minute workout before I start with the 9 week program again.

Good times.

Week 9 day 1

Week 1      Week 9

air squats 37  71

sit ups 20    30

burpees 10    12

pull ups 5    20

push ups 10    30

I am really happy with my progress. I started the push ups camel style, several weeks later I moved to knees, and now I am on toes. I need serious work on those burpees though. I’m in the home stretch, but this is far from over!  I will continue these workouts faithfully because I now understand what I need to do to feel as good as I have these past two months. 

9 Weeks Complete and Continuing

Week 9 was great. I saw improvements all around. For my Thursday workout I completed 10 rounds plus 4 pull-ups and 4 push-ups. My first attempt at the Whip-it in week 6, I was using pull-up assist bands and I had to use my knees on the last few push-ups. This time I went without assist bands and never needed to go to my knees. I felt great all throughout the workout. The last 3 rounds I ended up having to break up the pull-ups into smaller sets.
I didn’t do the 10k this week due to my injury. I was really looking forward to the 10k but I didn’t want to injure myself anymore. I plan on at least a 10k in the future but now is the time for rest and repair.
I want to thank Andy for the opportunity to take part in this great workout. I was never one to workout this way and this workout eased me into that physical and mental mindset. I am more confident in my workouts. I will definitely be continuing to workout with the skills I’ve learned in this workout and trying new and different workouts to challenge me even more. Thank you also to everyone on the blog. Going through this with the blog helped a lot. Reading about how everyone else was doing and the positive feedback everyone gave was a real help. I was not alone in this journey and that helped. I wish everyone continued success in their future fitness.


well, here we all are at 9 weeks end and what a feeling of accomplishment. This week has been a great ‘grande finale’ and I hope everyone feels the same sense of accomplishment as I .

today’s 10K was something I totally feared. It has been at least 15 years since I ran that distance with broken bones, injuries, and age all in between. I was able to accomplish this feat and feel great about it. Mile one was very slow (warming up I suppose) and 2 and 3 went by well. 4 was great, feeling strong, but once I hit about 5 1/2 it got tough. Never needed to walk, or even felt like walking, but did struggle with the last 1/2 mile for sure. Lots of positive self talk.
This has been a terrific 9 weeks, the program, the blog, the sense of accountability, and especially the excitement of looking forward to a tough workout daily. THanks to all of you for the encouragement!

I plan to continue working hard and want very much to keep up this type of pace and strength building (mental and physical).


Week 8 day 6

10 min increasing ladder

pull ups


Box jumps

This looked easy on paper, applied…not so much I should have known better by now!

I was able to complete 8 rounds but stepped up rather than jump.  I’m looking forward to next week! 

To all of you that just about completed this program, awesome job! We all gave it our all and saw results. Keep it up!

Whole Life Challenge

Hey Gang,

Linda asked about the Whole Life Challenge.  I purposely didn’t post anything on here about it because you guys have been so focused on your Fire Your Gym training program… but I guess, in hindsight, you could have done both – or at least I could have told you about it.

The Whole Life Challenge is an online challenge that we created at CFLA about 4 years ago to see how much of an impact you can have on your body, fitness and lifestyle habits over the course of 8 weeks.  It’s grown from an event with 100 participants, to a world-wide phenomenon with over 15,000 players (and is happening currently).

It involves taking a snapshot (with a workout and body measurements) at the beginning, then checking in daily and scoring yourself for things like nutrition, exercise, stretching, supplements and a rotating lifestyle category.  Actually, a really good way to get an idea about it is to watch this video, then check out the website – http://www.wholelifechallenge.com.

It started last Saturday, but registration is still open.  Even though you’re starting a week behind, it’s incredibly valuable if you’re interested in holding yourself accountable to the habits (and more – especially diet) you’ve developed over the past 9 weeks.

If you want to sign up, i’ve created a coupon code for you guys that will give you $5 off registration:  FYGBOOK.  Use it when you go through the registration process -and if you do sign up, make sure you join MY team (Andy P’s friends and family).


What is the Whole Life Challange?

Can you share more?


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